26 March 2013, Tuesday, 16:38

Breakup on rivers of Ufa will occur ahead of time

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

Breakup on the rivers near the capital of Bashkortostan will happen one-two days prior to usual time. The river Ufa will be released from ice from April 4 till April 10, Deoma — from April 8 till April 14, the river White — from April 5 till April 11. The head of civil protection department Alexander Sopin informed about it at the briefing session in Ufa administration.

As he said, there can be 744 apartment houses where 2880 people in the flooding zone. Zaton, Deoma and Nizhegorodka are the main areas where the high water level is expected. Traditionally inhabitants prefer not to leave their houses during high water, being afraid of marauding, therefore the population was instructed, ill people and pregnant women were registered there, all services are in full readiness.

As the head of administration of Ufa Irek Yalalov underlined, flooding threatens inhabitants not only because of high water, but also owing to thawed snow. The head of the city ordered responsible services to clean in the shortest terms storm collectors and to eliminate accumulation of water in city streets.