26 March 2013, Tuesday, 13:38

Share of pensioners has grown to 26,8 percent in Bashkiria

author: Elvira Latypova

The share of pensioners in the aggregate number of Bashkortostan population, as well as across Russia, gradually increases, the Bashkortostan Statistics Agency marks. Following the results of 2012 pensioners made 26,8 percent of the population. In 1990 there were 21,7 percent of them, in 2000 — 25 percent.

Overwhelming number of pensioners receive the old-age retirement pension — 81,6 percent. The average amount of pension benefits in the republic is 8,6 thousand rbl. per month.

The Bashkortostan Statistics Agency fixes growth of real pensions: from 2000 to 2012 — in 3,2 times. Statisticians mark also improvement of ratio of average pension benefits and average salary. If in 2002 pension benefits made 29 percent of the salary, in 2012 it amounted to 43 percent. In the countries with the developed economy this indicator reaches 50-60 percent.

From year to year the share of working pensioners grows. In 2012 in Bashkortostan almost every third pensioner (29,3 percent) was employed, in 2001 — only every seventh. Townspeople have more possibilities to found a job, than rural residents as the labour market is more developed. In this connection a share of working pensioners in republican cities is larger than in the country,  36,3 percent against 19,4 percent, accordingly.