26 March 2013, Tuesday, 12:30

Milk yield grows in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Milk yield grows in republican farms. It is daily received now on average 10,8 kg of milk from each cow. According to experts, cows have peak of lactation after autumn-winter calving. This is also promoted by sufficient balanced cattle feeding, the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Bashkortostan marks.

The best indicators of daily milk output are registered these days in Sterlitamaksky (16,7 kg of milk per each cow), Chekmagushevsky (15,5), Tatyshlinsky (14,7), Ufa (14,6), Meleuzovsky (14,3) and Aurgazinsky regions (13,2).

From the beginning of 2013 the thousandth boundary on milk yield from each cow is crossed in six regions of the republic: Chekmagushevsky, Sterlitamaksky, Tatyshlinsky, Meleuzovsky, Ufa and Dyurtyulinsky.

Total milk output across the republic exceeds today 276800 tons, nearly 120690 tons of milk were sold.