25 March 2013, Monday, 14:45

In Bashkiria heavy snow, blizzard and ice are expected

author: Galina Bakhshieva

On March 26, and at night on March 27, heavy snow, blizzard, ice and wind of 15-20 metres per second are expected, Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia warns.

According to weather forecasters, it will be dry only towards the end of the week — by Friday-Saturday. First two days of the week it will be rather warm — near zero degrees in the afternoon and five-seven degrees below zero at night. The gradual cold snaps — up to minus 10 degrees Celsius— will start at night on Wednesday, March 27. By Thursday, March 28, it will become cold up to 13 degrees of frost at night and two degrees during the day in the region. The next days a frosty weather is expected: thermometers will show at night minus 15-16 degrees Celsius.