21 March 2013, Thursday, 10:16

Bashkortostan is the leader on milk-powder manufacture in Russia

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Among the Russian regions the largest volumes of milk-powder are received in the territory of Bashkortostan in 2010-2011. Thus, in 2010 republican enterprises produced 11 thousand tons of milk-powder, a year later — already 17,1 thousand tons. Smolensk and Novosibirsk regions are on the second and third place in Russia on milk-powder manufacture — 9,8 and 9,5 thousand tons, accordingly. Such data are given by dairynews.ru.

According to research data «The Market of milk-powder 2008 — the first half of the year 2012 and the forecast till 2020», Volga, Siberian and Central Districts were in the lead in the structure of distribution of milk-powder manufacture in 2011.

For example, the share of this dairy products produced in Volga Federal District, constituted 45,3 percent from total milk-powder output in the territory of Russia.

The share of enterprises of the Siberian Federal District makes 22,1 percent. The Central Federal District is on the third place with 17,1 percent. In total 84,6 percent of total manufacture of milk-powder in the country are accounted for these three federal districts.

As to export of milk-powder following the results of 2011, three regions of Russia are among leaders here: the Ulyanovsk Regions (25 tons, or 53,1 percent from all export deliveries), the Moscow Region (34,9 percent) and the city of Moscow (7,1 percent).