20 March 2013, Wednesday, 17:17

Mari beauty was chosen at "Saskavy" competition in Bashkiria

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

In Mishkino village the beauty competition "Saskavy" ("Flower") among Mari girls from 16 till 28 years took place. The Mari beauty is chosen in Mishkinsky region for the first time. The purpose of this competition is to revive, preserve and develop national traditions.

As the regional administration informs, the participation in this beauty competition was accepted by 15 girls among which were schoolgirls, students and teachers. Competitors showed national costumes, both traditional and modern. Girls displayed their creative abilities and talents — sang songs, couplets, performed national dances, read verses, told about their native land, people, culture and traditions.

The jury awarded the Grand prix of the competition to Christina Saipusheva. The first place went to Eleonora Salmiyarova, the second — to Natalia Mishingina, the third — Tatyana Rusaeva.

Winners and all competitors received memorable prizes — various home appliances.