18 March 2013, Monday, 13:45

Industrial production index in Bashkortostan in February is 99,7 percent

author: Elvira Latypova

The industrial production index in Bashkortostan in February made 99,7 percent by February, 2012, the Bashkortostan Statistics Agency informs. In comparable estimation to January, 2013 it is equal 101,2 percent. Following the results of January-February the indicator developed at the level of 100,6 percent.

Statisticians mark positive dynamics from the beginning of the year in manufacture of electric equipment and vehicles (106,5 – 113,4 percent by January-February, 2012). The index made 102,3 – 104,2 percent in manufacture of foodstuff, cars and equipment, generation and supply of electric power, gas and water, manufacture of other nonmetallic mineral products. The index in manufacture of mineral oil and mining operations amounted to 101,0 – 101,6 percent.

At the same time, textile and sewing enterprises, manufacturers of leather and footwear, rubber and plastic products reduced their output volumes by 7,8 – 10,5 percent. In wood processing, manufacture of products from wood, pulp-and-paper, chemical manufactures, publishing and polygraphic activity decrease made 2,0 – 4,3 percent, in metallurgy – 0,2 percent.

According to the Bashkortostan Statistics Agency, in the regions of Volga Federal District the industrial production index fluctuates from 81,8 percent in the Chuvash Republic to 107,9 percent in the Ulyanovsk Region in January-February 2013.