14 March 2013, Thursday, 15:46

Average term of priority project implementation is less than five years in Bashkiria

author: Elvira Latypova

Average term of priority project implementation makes 4 years and 8 months in Bashkortostan. In particular, industrial projects are supposed to be realised on average for 5 years, projects in agriculture — for 3,5 years. Work on formation of the republican list of priority projects was analysed by the Ministry of Economic Development RB. The corresponding analytical report is placed on the department website.

As of the beginning of 2013 the priority status is appropriated to 67 projects. The total volume of investments amounts to 384,1 billion rbl. As a result of their implementation it is supposed to create 39,3 thousand new jobs.

More than half of projects are related to industrial sphere. 72 percent of all investments and one third of jobs are accounted for them. 14 percent are related to agriculture development: in these projects 15 percent of all "priority" investments are concentrated; they will create every eighth job.

Work on drawing up the list of investment projects began in Bashkortostan in September, 2011.