13 March 2013, Wednesday, 9:52

From the beginning of the year the Bashkir railway transported 5,6 million tons of cargoes

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

For January-February, 2013 it was transported more than 11,5 million tons of cargoes, the official website of «Russian railways» informs. From total amount of transportations about 50 percent is accounted for the share of the Bashkir branch of the railway: 5,6 million tons of cargoes.

In 2012 in Bashkortostan it was transported over 30 million tons of products by railway. Traditionally in the regional nomenclature of cargoes petrochemical products prevail: last year oil and oil products made more than half of total amount of transportations. The second place on loading volume is taken by construction materials —more than 4,5 million tons of them were transported for 2012.

This year experts mark increase in loading volumes of coal, metalware, oil cakes and paper in comparison with the last year. The share of mineral oil in total loading amounted to 64 percent.

As experts underline, the increase in transportations volumes occurs owing to development of industrial potential of the regions working in the zone of responsibility of the railway.