12 March 2013, Tuesday, 14:40

PFO is the third in the country on counterfeit bank notes circulation

author: Elvira Latypova

7503 counterfeit notes were revealed in the Volga Federal District (PFO) in 2012. The information about circulation of counterfeits in the territory of Russia is disclosed by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. In the territory of Northwest (11929) and the Central (52880) Federal Districts it is revealed more forged notes than in PFO.

Among forgers the 1000-rouble note is the favourite: within a year 52969 its counterfeits were withdrawn in the country territory. The five thousand rbl. bank note (32882 pieces) is on the second place on popularity. Other banknotes are much less popular among criminals. 1417 pieces of 500 rbl. counterfeit notes were found, 100 rbl. — 467, 50 rbl. — 87, 10 rbl. — 32.

It is interesting that not only paper money is forged, but also coins. For a year 172 five-rouble coins, two rouble and one two-rouble were withdrawn from the circulation.

Foreign currency is not so actively counterfeited. It was revealed 2193 false dollar notes, 249 euro in Russia. 13 Chinese yuans and seven pounds sterling of the United Kingdom were found also.