11 March 2013, Monday, 17:35

All-Russia conference on counteraction to drug aggression will take place in Ufa

author: Galiya Nabieva

The All-Russia research and practice conference «The state and civil society as elements of the counteraction mechanism to drug aggression in Russia» will take place in Ufa on March 14-15. The forum dated for the 10th anniversary from the date of drug enforcement agencies formation, will be held under the aegis of the State Assembly —Kurultay of Bashkortostan Republic and the Ufa branch of Northwest Institute of the Federal Drug Control Service of Russia.

Employees of the Federal Drug Control Service, representatives of law-enforcement structures, deputies, leading scientists of Russia and Bashkortostan will take part in the conference.

Participants will consider state-legal mechanisms of anti-drug measures in Russia, federal and regional experience. A role of civil society institutes in counteraction to drug addiction will be defined at the forum.

The plenary session of the conference will take place in the small hall of the State Assembly —Kurultay RB on March 14. Breakout sessions are planned for March 15.