11 March 2013, Monday, 17:03

Commercial real estate is sold on average at 49,3 thousand rbl. per square metre in Ufa

author: Elvira Latypova

Average cost of one square metre of the commercial real estate in Ufa makes 49,3 thousand rbl. Analysts of the "Expert" real estate agency mark considerable spread of prices depending on the purpose and location of objects.

The average price of trading premises in the city is 60,8 thousand rbl. per square metre, office premises – 54,2 thousand rbl., warehouse and industrial premises, general purpose buildings – 17,9 thousand rbl. From the beginning of the year the trading areas rose in price by three percent, warehouse and industrial areas lost in price by two percent, cost of office real estate remained at the former level.

The trading and warehouse real estate is the most expensive along the October Avenue: 78,8 and 39 thousand rbl. per square metre, accordingly. The most expensive offices are in the city business centre: 68,6 thousand rbl. per square metre. The lowest prices are in the remote areas: the trading premises can be bought at 33,4 thousand rbl. per "square", office ones — at 40 thousand, warehouse and industrial at 11 thousand rbl.

In the commercial real estate structure, according to "Expert", 42 percent are made by the trading areas, 37 percent offices, 21 percent – by premises for warehouses and manufactures.