07 March 2013, Thursday, 15:15

Bashkortostan will join to the European Immunization Week carrying out

author: Elmira Sabirova

From April 20 till April 27 in all republican regions and cities actions of the European Immunization Week will take place initiated by the European Bureau of the World Health Organization in the countries of Europe, including the Russian Federation.

Special attention during European Immunization Week carrying out will be paid to young parents, future mothers, those categories of citizens who owing to their beliefs refuse from vaccination.

Experts are sure that for today immunization is one of the main highly effective strategies of the health protection saving people’s lives. Use of vaccine preparations in practice of public health services allowed liquidating successfully natural smallpox, starting liquidation of poliomyelitis and measles, decreasing disease incidence of diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, tuberculosis and preventing death rate from these infections.

Annually in Bashkortostan Republic more than two million people are vaccinated against infectious diseases. Each vaccinated person should have a vaccination book.

The vaccination book is submitted at the request of medical institutions together with a patient medical record. It is especially necessary for college applicants and for tourists going abroad.