06 March 2013, Wednesday, 16:34

Ministry of Finance RB has paid the internal bond coupon profit

author: Elvira Latypova

The Ministry of Finance of Bashkortostan has made payment of the coupon profit for the first coupon period under internal state bonds RB of 2012 in the form of certificated securities payable to bearer with the fixed coupon profit and debt amortization in the sum of 65,46 million rbl., the department press-service informs.

Issuance of bonds with total nominal volume of 3 billion rbl. and circulation period of 1456 days was made on December 4, 2012. Bonds have 16 coupon periods with 91 days each. The rate of the coupon profit is established as 8,75 percent per annum from a face-value of the bond for 1-14 coupons, 8,65 percent — for 15 and 16 coupons.