01 March 2013, Friday, 14:45

Rustem Khamitov: «Share of own means in local budgets is approximately 40 percent»

author: Galiya Nabieva

“The share of own means in budgets of regions is approximately 40 percent. It is already quite good, it is better, than two years ago when this figure was 35 percent,” the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov said at meeting with chairmen of Councils of municipal areas and city districts. “This means that self-sufficiency of budgets grows.”

According to the head of the republic, the budget of municipalities directly depends on taxes which remain in it.

“Your taxes are created at the expense of enterprises, at the expense of new workplaces, at the expense of land, property taxes. Work over it,” the President addressed to chairmen of Councils.

“Practice of tax-avoidance should be exterminated, it should be root out mercilessly. You at the local level should promote registration of property, land plots. We have thousands of land plots without owners. We receive not a penny from these plots,” Rustem Khamitov underlined.

According to the head of region, the republic does not collect approximately 15-20 billion rbl. of taxes additionally because of its own mismanagement. The President urged to use this reserve. After all finally, well-being of municipalities and city districts depends on it.