28 February 2013, Thursday, 16:20

Deficiency of electric power amounted to more than 1 billion kilowatt-hours in Bashkiria in 2012

author: Elvira Latypova

Consumption of electric energy made 25 357 million kWh in Bashkortostan in 2012 — by 1,5 percent above level of 2011. Power supply enterprises generated and supplied 24 301,5 million kWh of electric power — by 4,9 percent less than the indicator of 2011. Thus, Bashkortostan in 2012 felt a lack of its own energy, the Ministry of Industry and Innovative Policy RB informs. Deficiency amounted to more than one billion kilowatt-hours.

Deficiency of the electric power in the region is covered at the expense of the neighboring regional power systems.

Development of generating capacities and network infrastructure in Bashkortostan is one of priority tasks. A five-year scheme and development program is developed for input of additional capacities in the power supply system in the republic.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Innovative Policy RB, «the major factor which affected the decrease of electric power generation in 2012 was decrease in competitiveness of power stations RB in the wholesale market of electric power».

The republican Program of Power Sector Efficiency Increase of Bashkortostan Republic assumes construction in Ufa, Belebey and Meleuz three power stations of cogeneration type with capacity of 16 mW and 34 Gcal, 6,6 mW and 65 Gcal, 15 mW and 15 Gcal, accordingly.