27 February 2013, Wednesday, 17:05

Bank of Russia issues new memorable silver coins

author: Elvira Latypova

On March 1, the Central Bank of Russia will issue four new silver memorable coins in circulation of five thousand pieces each, the department of external and public relations of the Bank of Russia informs.

The three-rouble coin «The 350th anniversary of Penza foundation» in diameter of 39 millimetres has weight of silver 31,1 gram, of 925 grade.

The new two-rouble coin in diameter of 33 millimetres will fill up the series «Outstanding persons of Russia». It is devoted to 75th anniversary of Victor Tchernomyrdin. Weight of pure silver is 15,55 gram, of 925 grade.

Two memorable silver coins will be included in the series «History of Russian Aviation». Diameter of both coins is 25 millimetres. Weight of precious metal is 7,78 gram, of 925 grade. One coin contains the relief image of ANT-25 plane on the back of the stylized map and colourful meridians and parallels. Another coin depicts Tu-160 plane on the same background.