26 February 2013, Tuesday, 18:19

Flag of International Children's Winter Games was on Aconcagua volcano

author: Luboth Kolokolova

After Ararat and Olympus peaks the flag of the VI International Children's Winter Games visited Aconcagua volcano in Argentina. The full member of the Russian geographical society (RGO), the known Ufa writer and traveller Kamil Ziganshin set it up together with flags of Bashkortostan Republic and the RGO banner on this significant peak. On February 24, our well-known fellow countryman came back to Ufa.

Aconcagua volcano is the highest peak of the South America (6962 metres above sea level), crowning the Andes mountains range, besides it is the highest volcano on our planet. It is located in 30 kilometres from the border with Chile.

As "Bashinform" already reported,  Kamil Ziganshin went to Argentina with the skilled climber Emil Zhdanov. Having reached the national park of Aconcagua, they went together till the mark of 5100m. Further Kamil Ziganshin was accompanied by the local guide on the way to Aconcagua volcano.

It should be mentioned that Kamil Ziganshin is the initiator of the expedition «From Ararat to the Olympus — a way to peace», passed in 2012 in honour of the International Children's Winter Games in Ufa. The best young sportsmen of our republic will carry the flag which was at the peaks of the well-known mountains along the streets of the capital of Bashkortostan. Then as an exhibit it will take its place in the museum of the International Children's Games.