26 February 2013, Tuesday, 13:38

It is planned to direct 340,5 million rbl. for mineral exploration in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

In 2013 at the expense of own and attracted funds of subsurface users execution of solid mineral exploration works for the total sum of 340,5 million rbl. is expected in Bashkortostan.

As Bashnedra (Bashkir Agency on Subsoil Usage) informs, in 2012 solid mineral exploration works were spent at 32 sites. Works were conducted in such directions, as ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, precious metals and nonmetals.

In total at the expense of own means of the enterprises exploration works were executed for 248,1 million rbl last year. Thus the considerable part of funds, 189,3 million rbl. were spent for nonferrous metals. The share of precious metals amounted to 46,7 million rbl., nonmetals to 12,2 million rbl.

As Bashnedra specialists mark, in 2012 as a whole over Volga Federal District the share of Bashkortostan amounted to one third of volumes of the executed solid mineral exploration works at the expense of own funds of subsurface users.

Thanks to the spent works reserves increment of industrial category at the Surakaisky deposit were received in the republic, including phosphate rock — 215,9 thousand tons and kaolin clay for ceramic manufacture — 308,7 thousand tons.