23 February 2013, Saturday, 13:55

Bashkir department of «OPORA Russia» creates a Committee for small-scale business protection in construction

author: Elvira Latypova

Bashkir regional department of «OPORA Russia» creates a Committee on construction. The first meeting will take place in Ufa, on February 26: the head of the

Committee will be elected and the main guidelines will be defined.

As the Chairman of  Bashkir regional department «OPORA Russia»  Denis Musin informs, the main task of the created Committee consists in protecting small and medium construction enterprises.

“The self-regulation system left small and medium business in the cold,” Denis Musin says. “Now in the construction market there are only large builders, and it is absolutely incorrect. The system should be changed at the legislative level. The new committee will try to achieve it.”

It is marked in the regional branch of «OPORA Russia» that the construction committee will work on a wide spectrum of problems, ranging from perfection of self-regulation system and to protection of deceived interest-holders in construction.

Denis Musin marks that the membership is not strictly limited in the Committee – active, initiative people are wanted there. Contact phone: 8 901 81 333 55.