22 February 2013, Friday, 13:37

Public Council for successful development of agrarian and industrial complex is created in Bashkortostan

author: Galina Bakhshieva

A Public Council, which main task is to develop proposals in strategic directions of agrarian and industrial complex development is created at the Ministry of Agriculture of Bashkortostan. Among other tasks is participation in formation of new approaches to carrying out of agrarian reforms in the region, development of land and property relations in agrarian and industrial complex sphere.

According to the Minister of Agriculture RB Nikolay Kovalenko, such Council should become a venue to carry out public examination of key decisions in the field of prospects of development and protective measures elaboration for agriculture of Bashkortostan in the conditions of the WTO.

As the press-service of Ministry of Agriculture RB underlines, the Public Council will be constantly operating advisory body. Its structure includes the most authoritative representatives of the agrarian community possessing large working experience.

Among questions which it is planned to consider at Public Council sessions, are priority directions of branches of agrarian and industrial complex development, increase of efficiency of state support, financial development of agrarian and industrial complex companies. Besides, members of the Council will consider issues on development of owner-operated farms and personal subsidiary economies, regulation of agricultural lands turnover and formation of human resources potential of agrarian and industrial complex of Bashkortostan.