21 February 2013, Thursday, 18:06

Readiness of tractor park of Bashkortostan for spring sowing has reached 84 percent

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Technical readiness of tractor park of Bashkortostan for the forthcoming spring sowing campaign makes at present 84 percent. From 16750 tractors available today 14070 are serviceable.

Readiness of soil-cultivating, sowing machinery and instruments makes 86-89 percent from the available quantity. It is by four-five percent above similar indicators of 2012.

As the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB informs, more than 10 thousand tractor units, including seeders, harrows and cultivators will be involved in works on preparation of soil to crops. 4350 units will be occupied directly at sowing of agricultural crops. In total 14300 tractors will be used in the spring sowing campaign.

Republican machine and tractor stations have already started the conclusion of contracts with agricultural producers on sowing of grain and grain legume to form the schedule of sowing works performance, it is marked in the Ministry.