21 February 2013, Thursday, 16:33

Volume of investments into the fixed capital in Bashkiria grew by 8 percent for a year

author: Elvira Latypova

The volume of investments into the fixed capital made 232,9 billion rbl. in Bashkortostan in 2012, the Bashkortostan Statistics Agency informs. It is by 8 percent more than in 2011.

The volume of investments per capita is 57317 rbl.

The greatest share of investments are accounted for buildings and constructions (34,2 percent), machinery, equipment and vehicles (38,2 percent).

65,2 percent of all investments into the fixed capital are constituted by organisations of private pattern of ownership. 10,4 percent and 4,3 percent are the share of state and municipal organisations.

Large and average companies used 125,6 billion rbl. of investments (53,9 percent). Thus the basic source was their own funds (55,2 percent). The share of the involved resources was 44,8 percent.

Processing manufactures prevail in the structure of investments by type of economic activities (28,4 percent of investments of large and medium enterprises), mining operations (16 percent), transport and communications (19,1 percent), operations with real estate, rent and granting of services (9,7 percent).

Bashkortostan takes the third place in the Volga Federal District on volume of investments made into the republican economy — after Tatarstan and the Nizhniy Novgorod Region. On the same indicator per capita it is on the sixth place.