21 February 2013, Thursday, 13:19

Bashkiria will be relieved from slot machines by law toughening

author: Ekaterina Sokuryan

Every day in Bashkiria it is closed, at least, five-six gambling establishments. As i-gazeta found out, however, these measures stop owners of illegal business only for a short while. In many respects imperfection of legislative base allows them to feel their impunity. As practice shows, in some days after exemption by policemen of "one arm bandits" they replenish halls of slot machines with the new equipment. By data of i-gazeta.com, against a fast payback period of gambling machines and insignificant administrative penalties "black" businessmen show, alas, unceasing cycle of work.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bashkiria, which bears the main liability for liquidation of illegal gambling establishments in the republic, suggests toughening the law in force. In opinion of security officials, the components of crime should be seen already in the fact of carrying out of gambling, instead of in excess of the sum of illegal income that the law provides today. Deputies of the State Assembly of Bashkiria are also ready to shut off the air supply to owners of casinos and slot machines.