20 February 2013, Wednesday, 16:58

Vegetable growers of Uzbekistan constitute the main migration flow to Bashkiria

author: Dmitry Slezin

During the online conference on the website of i-gazeta the head of Directorate of Federal Migration Service on Bashkortostan Republic Boris Guzairov said about the quantity, "geography" and type of activity of migrants in the region.

“Basically migrants are coming from the countries of the Central Asia. According to the last year’s statistics, approximately 54-56 percent of migrants come from Uzbekistan, 12 percent from Tajikistan. About 7-8 percent are natives of Azerbaijan, well and further — Kazakhstan. The countries with the visa regulations are presented by Turkey, Germany, Serbia, Vietnam and the USA,” Boris Guzairov informed. “Many of them are occupied in the construction and agriculture sphere; the main part of them are vegetable growers. They work mainly in the western areas of our republic.

“We supervise legality of their activity; with other departments we perform joint operations on revealing of infringements. Our republic takes the first place on these infringements detecting,” the head of the Directorate of FMS on RB underlined.