18 February 2013, Monday, 15:49

Minimum set of food products rose in price by 1,3 % in Bashkiria in January

author: Elvira Latypova

The minimum set of food products rose in price by 1,3 percent in Bashkiria in January, the Bashkortostan Statistics Agency informs. Following the results of January its cost made 2433,7 roubles on a month basis.

The minimum foodstuff set is calculated proceeding from the standard rate of foodstuff consumption by a man of able-bodied age.

As the Bashkortostan Statistics Agency explains, the cost of the most frugal set of products is a statistical index, which is used «for inter-regional differentiation of consumer prices for the main food products with uniform rates of consumption». Guidelines for the consumer goods basket definition are confirmed by the Governmental order of the Russian Federation in 1999.