18 February 2013, Monday, 14:15

Volume of paid services to the population grew by 1,5 % in January in Bashkortostan

author: Elvira Latypova

The volume of paid services rendered to the population grew by 1,5 % year-on-year in Bashkortostan in January. According to Bashkortostan Statistics Agency, the volume of paid service last month was estimated in the sum of 14,1 billion rbl. (in January, 2012 – nearly 12,9 billion rbl.).

The most significant share – 27,5 % (almost 3,9 billion rbl.) is accounted for public utility services. Transport services are on the second place with relative density of 16,5 % (2,3 billion rbl.), telecommunication services are on the third place (12,3 %, 1,7 billion rbl.), housing services are on the fourth (10,9 %, 1,5 billion rbl.), all complex of household services is on the fifth place (9,5 %, 1,3 billion rbl.).

Household services last month showed growth by 5,8 % in comparison with January-2011. More than half of volume of the sold services are accounted for habitation repair and construction (52,4 %, 701 million rbl.). Clothes repair and tailoring are on the second place with 8,8 %  (118,3 million rbl.). Further with small lag there are such types of services, as maintenance and repair of vehicles (109,8 million rbl.) and hairdresser's and cosmetic services (108,2 million rbl.).

Relative indicators speak about considerable falling of demand for services of laundries (by 65 %, to 6,7 million rbl.) and about essential increase of demand for footwear repair and tailoring (by 54,4 %, to 18,8 million rbl.).