15 February 2013, Friday, 15:45

Next session of Bashkortostan Parliament will take place on February 26

author: Lyudmila Ternovaya

On February 26, the 60th session of the State Assembly — Kurultay Bashkortostan of the fourth convocation will take place. The decision on it was accepted at the next session of the Presidium of Republican Parliament. More than 40 issues were included into the confirmed agenda.

Deputies plan to accept seven draft laws in the third reading. There are among them: «On procedure of the departmental control over observance of labour legislation and other standard legal acts containing labour regulations in the territory of Bashkortostan Republic», «On amendments to the Bashkortostan Republic law «On justices of peace of Bashkortostan Republic», «On amendments to separate acts of Bashkortostan Republic in the sphere of municipal services». The work over the republican draft law «On amendments to the Administrative Offense Code of Bashkortostan Republic» will be continued.

At the forthcoming plenary session of the Republican Parliament deputies will also consider 24 federal draft laws.