13 February 2013, Wednesday, 18:15

Total milk yield in Bashkiria is almost 135 thousand tons

author: Galina Bakhshieva

As a whole across Bashkortostan total milk yield from the beginning of 2013 made 134738 tons, 61626 tons from which are produced by agricultural enterprises and republican farms. Here Sterlitamaksky and Chekmagushevsky regions are in the lead where for incomplete one and a half month of this year, 4140 and 3571 tons of milk accordingly were produced.

As the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB informs, now every day on average 9,7 kg of milk are received from each cow. It is by 300 gram more than the comparable indicator of 2012.

For today the highest yield — from 11 to 15 kg a day is received by cattle breeders of Aurgazinsky, Dyurtyulinsky, Karmaskalinsky, Kugarchinsky, Meleuzovsky, Sterlitamaksky, Tatyshlinsky, Ufa and Chekmagushevsky regions. The same regions have the maximum yield indicators from the beginning of year — from 400 to 635 kg.

Thus the Chekmagushevsky region remains the leader on milk output where they receive on average per 14,7 kg of milk from each cow.

As to milk sale 57527 tons were sold from the beginning of current year. From them 54054 tons are accounted for agricultural enterprises and republican farms.