11 February 2013, Monday, 15:56

Vegetables rose in price above all foodstuff in the food market of Bashkiria in January

author: Elvira Latypova

Prices for vegetables grew on average by 14,3 % in Bashkiria in January, Bashkortostan Statistics Agency reports.

Tomatoes (by 41 %) and cucumbers (by 23,8 %) most of all rose in price. The price for potatoes increased by 11,7 %. Green head cabbage, carrots, beet and onions became more expensive by 8,5 % — 10,9 %.

Grapes rose in price for almost one third.

Prices for flour continue to grow, in January – by 3 %. It should be mentioned that in 2012 the flour price index made 127,8 %.

Separate kinds of dairy products, groats and beans, except buckwheat, fish (salty, marinaded and smoked), chocolate, fruit juice became more expensive by 0,9 – 3,1 %.

Oranges became "champions" on reduction of price in January: minus 7,6 %. Prices for pork, poultry meat, eggs, frozen fish and fish preserves decreased by 0,4 – 1,9 %.

As a whole following the results of January the foodstuff price index in Bashkortostan made 101,8 %.

The Bashkortostan Statistics Agency marks that in the majority of subjects of the Volga Federal District (PFO) reduction of prices for meat and eggs is registered. Prices for fish products, butter and dairy products slightly raised in PFO. Vegetables, flour and vodka considerably rose in price.