08 February 2013, Friday, 17:29

Migratory decline in population has made 7648 people in Bashkiria

author: Lyudmila Schetinina

129592 people left Bashkortostan in 2012 — by 23 thousand more than in 2011. 514 citizens left the country. Thus the natural increase made 5136 people. The total amount of natural increase and migratory movement of the population for January-November of the last year developed with negative result: minus 2512 people. Migratory decline in population made 7648 people for a year.

From January till November of the last year 121944 people arrived in the republic, including 2918 citizens from the CIS and 219 — from other countries of the world.

Personal and family circumstances appeared the most frequent reason of the residence change. The migration connected with studies was on the second place. Citizens leaving the republic due to employment change were on the third place, and people returning to the former place of residence occupied the last one.

More details about the population shift reasons can be obtained on the website of «i-gazeta».