08 February 2013, Friday, 10:07

"Chaif" band will present an album re-edition «Children of Mountains» in Ufa

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

The "Chaif" band concert will take place in «Ogni Ufy» recreation centre on February 24, it is said on the official website of the band.

The present tour is devoted to the 20-year-old anniversary of the album «Children of Mountains».

This disk in the "Chaif" life is a border between amateur team as a part of Sverdlovsk rock club and that group which exists now. The «Children of Mountains» is the first album, which was recorded by musicians in a professional studio.

All songs from the «Children of Mountains» album will be played at each concert of the anniversary tour in that order as they are listed in the album.

"Chaif" will issue the album re-edition — a compact disc with the first rerecording of the «Children of Mountains», and also DVD with the disk presentation in Sverdlovsk.