06 February 2013, Wednesday, 12:40

Irek Yalalov: «International competitions promote Ufa recognizability»

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

Carrying out of large international competitions in the capital of Bashkortostan allowed to draw attention to it among Russian and world community. Askar Fazlyev, the head of information-analytical department of the press-service of Ufa administration said about it at the next meeting in the City Council. As he said, such sports events as the Summer Biathlon World Championship and the World Junior Ice-Hockey Championship arouse interest not only of city and republican mass-media, but also of the federal and foreign press.

In total following the results of the Summer Biathlon World Championship it was published more than 250 information materials. Even greater interest among journalists was generated by the last World Junior Ice-Hockey Championship.

During preparation and carrying out of these competitions, more than 280 articles were issued in republican and city mass-media, and 482 materials in federal editions.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to count up all foreign publications about the championships, however, during monitoring of English-speaking Internet resources it was found out that foreign mass-media issued 84 articles about competitions.

The head of city administration Irek Yalalov added that besides the important sports component, carrying out of large international competitions promotes better recognizability of the city in the world community. Thus, within the limits of  the forthcoming VI Winter International Children's Games except sportsmen and coaches Ufa will be visited by representative delegation of heads of the Russian and foreign cities.