06 February 2013, Wednesday, 10:24

Bashkortostan FAS Directorate has considered 2,8 thousand cases for a year

author: Elvira Latypova

Almost 2,8 thousand cases were considered by the Directorate of Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) on RB in 2012.

Cases were initiated on the grounds of infringement of the antimonopoly law, natural monopolies legislation, electric power industry, advertising, trade, placing of state orders for deliveries of goods legislation.

According to FAS, abuse of dominance still remains one of prevailing types of infringements. On the similar facts 59 cases were considered last year. As a rule, infringers impose unprofitable conditions or unreasonably refuse the contract conclusion.

161 cases which were considered last year, concerned infringements of the antimonopoly law by enforcement authorities and local governments. Antimonopoly department marked the tendency of increasing number of infringements at the state and municipal services granting.

Fraudulent representation, distribution of false or inaccurate information and sale of goods with illegal use of results of intellectual activity remain the main forms of unfair competition. 37 cases were considered concerning the unfair competition facts last year by Bashkortostan FAS Directorate.