04 February 2013, Monday, 17:04

Livestock of horses increased by third in farms of Bashkortostan

author: Galina Bakhshieva

In 2012 the livestock of horses increased approximately by third and reached 23 thousand in farms of Bashkortostan. On the contrary, reduction of livestock of horses is marked at republican agricultural enterprises: at present 39 thousand cattle are available, that is by 4 % less, than in 2011.

As the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB informs, in 2012 the increase in number of horses was marked in 38 regions of the republic. For example, their number increased by 39 % in Abzelilovsky region, by 35 % in Mishkinsky region, by 34,2 % in Kushnarenkovsky one. At the same time, in separate regions reduction of the livestock of horses is observed. Thus, their number decreased by 21 % in Fedorovsky region, in Blagovarsky and Baltachevsky — by 18 and 14 %, accordingly.

42 areas of Bashkortostan are engaged in koumiss production. In 2012 the greatest volumes of this healthful drink were received in Abzelilovsky region (706 tons), Baimaksky (422), Belebeevsky (340) and Alsheevsky  regions (235).

As a whole about three thousand tons of koumiss were produced in the republic by all types of farms in 2012. It is by 6 % more than in 2011.

As the Ministry of Agriculture RB marks, along with increase in number of horse-breeding farms of meat and dairy direction the work on commodity market development of horse breeding products will proceed in the republic.