31 January 2013, Thursday, 16:49

Processing manufactures have finished the year with 7 percent growth in Bashkiria - Statistics

author: Elvira Latypova

Following the results of 2012 the Bashkortostan Statistics Agency registers growth in the majority of economic activities. As a whole the index made 107 % on processing manufactures of Bashkortostan.

The highest rates of growth are provided in manufacture of electric equipment, electronic and optical equipment (129 % to the result of 2011), vehicles and equipment (122,8 %), in metallurgical (112 %), textile and sewing manufacture (111,5 %). The index is marked as 110 % on «manufacture of other nonmetallic mineral products». The results of paper-and-pulp industry, publishing and polygraphic activity are 107,9 %, chemical, food-processing industry, manufacture of rubber and plastic products, leather and footwear results are from 101,6 to 104,6 %.

Decrease is marked in mineral oil production by 2,1 % from the level of 2011, «caused by reduction of diesel fuel production by 1,7 %, lubricating oils by 19,8 %».

Reduction is also registered in manufacture of machinery and equipment (95,6 % to the level of 2011), in processing of wood and manufacture of wood products.