30 January 2013, Wednesday, 14:25

Pupils of Ufa saved 150 trees

author: Galina Bakhshieva

At present moment more than 30 tons of waste paper is collected in Ufa within the frames of the environmental action “Paper Boom”. The first stage of the action with participation of 17 schools was held in Kirovski district of the city. The second stage will start on February 1 in Leniski district, ecological portal RB reports.

The main goal of the action is not just collection of as much as possible larger volumes of waste paper but visual demonstration of the necessity of separate waste collection and recycling and involving of pupils in practical activity on ecological cleaning of the city.

Every ton of collected waste paper saves our forests. Every ton of paper saves about four cubic meters of timber or, other words, approximately five adult trees. It is easy to calculate that the waste paper, collected by participants of the “Paper Boom”, has already saved 150 trees.