30 January 2013, Wednesday, 10:53

Polish Culture Center received grant of the program “Ex-libris”

author: Galiya Nabieva

Polish Culture and Enlightenment Center RB and National Sunday Polish School by Albert Penkevich received a grant of the educational program “Ex-libris” of the Fund “Semper Polonia” (Warsaw) in 2012.

Within the frames of the grant the center and the school received new Polish language textbooks, the chairman of the Polish Culture and Enlightenment Center “Revival” Marina Sadykova reported. Along with the textbooks they received books on history of fine arts, folklore, architecture, nature and the objects, located on the territory of Poland and included into the list of UNESCO cultural heritage.

Such grant is given to active Polish organizations, which activity on studying Polish language, preservation, development and popularization of Polish culture meets certain popularity and recognition at the level of Polish Embassy and Consulate in Russian Federation.