30 January 2013, Wednesday, 13:35

Optimists wait for salary increase, pessimists are afraid of inflation – VCIOM

author: Elvira Latypova

The majority of Russians (59 %) do not expect changes in their financial situation in the current year – such conclusion was made by the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VCIOM), having interrogated 1600 inhabitants in 46 regions of the country.

However every fifth (22 %) was disposed optimistically. The majority of optimists (70 %) place their stake on the salary from the primary employment. Other sources of incomes are mentioned less often. For example, 16 % of Russians rely upon the salary for work without official registration. 11 % of interrogated count on the income from additional jobs – one year ago this kind of earnings was more popular (20 % of respondents). 9 % of Russians hope on incomes of private business. 7 % of interrogated plan to improve their financial situation at the expense of pension, and it is the lowest indicator for the whole period of monitoring.

Pessimists are in minority group. There are 12 % of those who expect decline in financial situation, (there were 32 % in 2009). The majority of them (67 %) see the main threat in inflation. More Russians began to be afraid to lose their primary employment (18 % against 11 % in 2011).

VCIOM marks that the statistical error does not exceed 3,4 %.