29 January 2013, Tuesday, 16:33

Constituent conference of all-Russian congress of ethno-journalists to be held in Moscow

author: Lubov Kolokolova

Constituent conference of all-Russian congress of ethno-journalists “Culture of the World” will take place in Moscow on Thursday, January 31.

The congress’s organizing committee reports the main goal of the forthcoming conference is establishment of a public organization, uniting professional journalists, busy with covering international and ethnic-cultural relations, in Moscow and Russian regions. Foreign offices of all-Russian congress of ethno-journalists expected to be opened too.

In spite of various ethnic, confessional and social differences the idea of the organizers is that mastering and spreading of the centuries-old experience of the culture of the world will help to prevent possible conflicts and to work up steady and efficient mechanisms for peaceful solution of arising problems.

Deputies of State Duma and Moscow Duma, representatives of federal and regional ministries and agencies, national public communities, journalist unions, associations and mass-media, political and public activists, diplomats and journalists are invited. The discussion to the subject “The Formula of Trust” will be also launched within the frames of the congress, held in the Central Journalist Home.