29 January 2013, Tuesday, 11:09

Asgat Gumerov supports the initiative concerning reformation of Russian Public Chamber

author: Ludmila Ternovaya

A group of members of Russian Federation Council introduced the bill about reformation of Russian Public Chamber to State Duma. The bill offers to increase the number of its members from 126 to 166 and to double representation of the regions. The bill also offers that 43 members of the Public Chamber will be elected through online voting and 83 members will be elected from regional public chambers.

The chairman of the Public Chamber RB Asgat Gumerov supposes that the proposal concerning increase of the number of the Chamber’s members is quite reasonable.

“If we start talking about respectful attitude to all citizens of Russia and to the regions they live in, this proposal looks quite correct and fair” – he said – “At least one representative from every region should be present in the staff of the Russian Public Chamber. Every region has its own tasks and positions and regional representatives can introduce interests of their regions at the all-Russian level, since they know quite well, what problems are actual for their compatriots”.

At present time Russian Public Chamber is formed in the following way: the President of Russia approves 42 of 126 its members, other 42 are elected by all-Russian public organizations and other 42 – by representatives of regional and interregional public chambers. Public chambers are present in 74 Russian regions for today.

The first meeting of the Chamber, formed in accordance with the new principle, has to take place on July 1, 2013.