25 January 2013, Friday, 19:12

Bashkortostan Customs transferred 5,6 billion rbl. to the federal budget

author: Elvira Latypova

The Bashkortostan Customs transferred almost 5605 million rbl. to the federal budget in 2012 — by 4 % in excess of the plan, the head of department Yuriy Vladimirov said at the meeting on Friday.

More than half of revenues are accounted for the Ufa Customs Post — nearly 3,5 billion rbl.

In 2011 the volume of revenues at Bashkortostan Customs was higher: nearly 9,9 billion rbl. The department press-service explained the difference in indicators by the fact that practically from the beginning of 2012 deliveries of fuel and energy complex products were registered at the  Central Energy Customs.