25 January 2013, Friday, 14:05

The government stake of JSC «Bashkir Kholod» is put on sale

author: Elvira Latypova

The shareholder stake belonging to the republic in JSC «Bashkir Kholod» as 48,83 % of the authorised capital is put on sale. As the Ministry of Land and Property Relations RB informs, the auctions to be held on March 12.

37,2 % of shares of JSC "Stroneg" will be offered to participants of the auction also.

Applications are accepted till February 15 inclusive.

The same day the object of the state non-residential fund will be tendered – an office building and a land plot under it at the address: 14а, S.Yulaev Street, Tuimazy, Tuimazinsky region, Bashkortostan Republic. Applications should be submitted till February, 14 inclusive.