25 January 2013, Friday, 10:08

Two jobs were available per each visitor of the career fair in Ufa

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Almost 600 available jobs were presented by the enterprises and organisations of Ufa at the career fair which took place on January 24.

“About 30 employers participated in our fair. In addition to security organizations, enterprises of industry, construction, trade, housing and utilities, and also public health services establishments took part in it,” Irina Turchina, the head of department of Ufa Employment Centre informs.

300 people became visitors of the second fair this year. More than 130 from them took part in interviews following the results of which approximately half from them received offers of appointment.

More than 300 Ufa townspeople were also sel ected by employers fr om the database of the capital employment service.

The following career fair will be held in Ufa on January 31. The enterprises of non-state patterns of ownership will take part in it.