24 January 2013, Thursday, 14:34

In Bashkiria the cargoes transportations volume by motor transport grew almost by 8 percent

author: Elvira Latypova

The volume of cargoes transportations by motor transport grew almost by 8 % in Bashkortostan for 2012. As a whole, freights carrying during the last year was characterised by growth of volume of cargo turn-over. Positive dynamics was observed at railway and motor transport, Bashkortostan Statistics Agency informs.

In total republican transport carried 202,5 million tons of cargoes for a year, or 101,1 % to the indicator of 2011. In particular, the volume of transportations by motor transport increased by 7,9 %, railway – by 2,6 %. Thus, freight motor transport for the past year transported 60,4 million tons of cargoes, railway transport – almost 30,3 million tons. The most part of the total cargo turn-over is accounted for pipeline transport in the republic.