24 January 2013, Thursday, 11:06

Bashkiria is one of the regions, where wages of pedagogues are equal to average one in economics

author: Galiya Nabieva

Setting of pedagogues’ wages at the level of average one in the region in sphere of economics is found under special control, the Plenipotentiary of the President of Russia in Volga federal district Michael Babich stated at the last meeting with the President of Russia. Vladimir Putin has held the first meeting of the Commission for monitoring the progress of goal-oriented indices in social-economic development, determined by the presidential decrees on May 7, 2012.

“In 2012 we’ve reached the average result in economics in 7 of 14 regions: Bashkortostan, Mordvinia, Tatarstan, Udmurtia, Perm, Penza and Ulyanovsk regions” – Michael Babich reported – “In seven regions this index makes up 80-97% for today and will be reached in the first quarter of the year according to our forecasts”.

In 2012 the regions of Volga federal district have spent 75 billion rubles for defrayment of these expenses and other 6 billion have been allocated additionally to reach the pre-planned indices.