23 January 2013, Wednesday, 18:38

The Bank of Russia issued 100-kilogram gold coins

author: Elvira Latypova

The gold coin of 10000 rbl. denomination is issued by the Bank of Russia on January 23, to the XXVII World Summer Student Games — 2013 in Kazan. Weight of precious metal is 1 kg. It is of 999 grade. Diameter of the coin is 100 mm. Circulation is only 100 pieces.

One more gold coin which was issued by the Central Bank to the World Summer Student Games, is of 50-rouble denomination. Weight of precious metal is 7,78 gram, 999 grade. Diameter of the coin is 22,6 mm.

Two silver coins – 39 mm and 60 mm in diameter are devoted to the Student Games too. The three-rouble coin has weight of precious metal 31,1 gram, and 25-rouble coin – 155,5 gram. Their circulation is 7,5 thousand and 1,5 thousand pieces, accordingly.

According to the department of external and public relations of the Central Bank, within the limits of the issuance program two 10-rouble coins from non-precious metals, devoted to the same event are issued. Each is minted in number of 10 million pieces.