22 January 2013, Tuesday, 19:28

More than 81 thousand foreign passports of a new generation were issued in Bashkortostan in 2012

author: Lubov Kolokolova

Federal Migration Agency in RB has registered about 150 thousand foreign passports in 2012 – by 30% more than in 2011. Press service of the Agency reports that stable increase of the demand in foreign passports of a new generation is observed in the Republic, as compared with 2011. Specialists of the Agency have given out more than 91 thousand foreign passports, containing biometric data – by 70% more than one year before.

Specialists explain that practically the whole world, including Russia, turns to the new passport system with inserted electronic chips now and first of all it is necessary to increase of the level of security in counteraction to various forms of international criminality. Besides, unlike ordinary passports the biometric one has better protection and its life period is increased up to 10 years.