21 January 2013, Monday, 9:35

Olga Vilukhina lack four seconds to a have medal in Italy

author: Dmitry Slezin

At the sixth stage of the Biathlon World Cup the women's 10K pursuit took place in Italian Anterselva.

The alumnus of the Bashkir sports Russian Olga Vilukhina after sprint where she was the sixth, managed to improve for two positions – took the fourth place with two penalties.

Norway's Tora Berger was the winner, also with two penalties, but she was much faster (took a lead over 13 competitors). Elena Pidhrushna  from Ukraine had a "silver", Finland's Kaisa Mäkäräinen with four penalties had a lead in struggle for "bronze" over Olga Vilukhina for four seconds.

Other Russian Olga Zaitseva shot clean at the first stage and raised at once on the 4th position, but in the standing stage missed four times and finished the pursuit on the 15th position.