18 January 2013, Friday, 17:06

Kazakhstan delegation is interested in Bashkortostan experience in agrarian and industrial complex development

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The delegation of the Aktyubinsk Region of Kazakhstan Republic is paying a business visit to Bashkortostan. It is headed by the head of department of agriculture of Aktyubinsk Region Muhtar Dzhumagaziev. Heads of the largest organisations of agrarian and industrial complex of the Kazakhstan republic are among members of the delegation, the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB informs.

On January 18, the meeting with representatives of the Aktyubinsk Region concerning mutually advantageous cooperation in agricultural sphere between Bashkortostan and Kazakhstan took place in the Ministry of Agriculture RB.

According to the head of the delegation Muhtar Dzhumagaziev, today the Bashkortostan experience in the sphere of cattle breeding, plant growing, and also fodder production and stock breeding is very interesting to Kazakhstan. Muhtar Dzhumagaziev highly appreciated the level of development of the Bashkir agrarian and industrial complex and expressed his hope that the good neighbourly relationship which long since had developed between two republics, would be kept and henceforth.

The visit schedule is quite comprehensive. Thus, visiting of several leading agricultural enterprises of the republic is planned: "Roshchinsky" state owned farm of Sterlitamaksky region, Chishminsky branch of "Bashselkhoztechnika", "Agli" peasant farm enterprise of Chishminsky region and "Alekseevsky" state owned farm of the Ufa region.